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War Veterans' Home

Located in the quiet, leafy eastern suburb of Myrtle Bank only 4kms from the CBD and is home to 95 residents.


Just 9kms from the CBD, Morlancourt is able to accommodate fully and partially supported residents in 2019 renovated villas.


Located in Murray Bridge, This 72-bed facility is brand new and now open and serving the community. 

Personalised care

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A key approach to maintaining our residents’ independence is through both physical and mental stimulation. RSL Care SA provides holistic and individualised care. Activities and wellbeing are an important part of daily life for our residents. Acceptance into Residential Care is subject to an assessment by the Government’s Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). 

Your quick guide to Residential Aged Care Fees and Charges

Residential Aged Care fees vary depending on an individual’s assets and income. RSL Care SA offers a number of accommodation options across all facilities, from platinum single rooms with private ensuites to share rooms with an ensuite. Accommodation fees vary depending
on the accommodation type.

Low assets and Income Resident

To ensure prospective residents with low assets and income are not disadvantaged from being offered permanent placement, accredited aged care facilities must reserve a percentage of their beds for ‘low means’ residents.


Assets between $0.00 and $59,500, and Income below $32,195.80.

  • Basic Daily Care Fee only

Assets between $59,500 and $201,231.20, and income below $62,727.60.

  • Basic Daily Care Fee
  • Accommodation Contribution

Residents who are eligible to receive subsidised aged care fees are required to submit an Asset and Income Assessment to the Department of Human Services (Centrelink)

Figures shown reflect the Department of Health Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care from 20th March 2024.

Higher asset and Income Resident

Assets above $201,231.20 and income above $62,727.60.

  • Basic Daily Care Fee
  • Accommodation Payment
  • Means Tested Care Fee

Figures shown reflect the Department of Health Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care from 20th March 2024.

Basic Daily Care Fee

The Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) is paid by everyone. It is set by the Commonwealth Government and is approximately 85% of the single Aged Pension. The BDCF covers all living expenses and contributes to the costs of other services such as meals, personal care, recreation activities, laundry, cleaning and nursing care

Current daily rate $61.96

Means Tested Care Fee

The Means Tested Care Fee (MTCF) is paid by residents who exceed the government’s first assets and income threshold. As the BDCF does not cover 100% of the costs incurred by an aged care facility in providing its services, residents who are deemed to have the financial means are required to contribute more towards the cost of their own care. The MTCF varies depending on the asset and income level of the resident.

Annual Cap $33,309.29                   

Lifetime Cap $79,942.44

Accomodation Contribution

The Accommodation Contribution is paid by Low Means residents only. It is reviewed quarterly and is subject to change; however a resident will not be required to pay more than what is advised from their asset and income testing. The facility has restrictions on how much it may charge based on its Low Means resident ratio and whether or not the facility is newly refurbished. The Accommodation Contribution may be paid as a lump sun equivalent, known as a Refundable Accommodation Contribution, which is 100% refundable.

Current maximum daily rate $68.14

Current Room Vacancies

Below is a list of our available rooms across our three locations, including Myrtle Bank, Angle Park, and Murray Bridge.

Apt 8 | Myrtle Bank Retirement Living | RSL Care SA

Single Room with Ensuite

War Veterans Home

55 Ferguson Ave, Myrtle Bank

Romani Aged Care Murray Bridge 6

Single Room with Ensuite


40 Tumbella Drive, Murray Bridge

Romani Aged Care Murray Bridge 7

MSU Single Room with Ensuite


40 Tumbella Drive, Murray Bridge

The Janus Approach | Caring for unique individuals

The Janus Approach aspires to continually improve and enhance the quality of life with all residents by transforming the culture of care in our facilities from task focussed to truly person-centered with six Janus keys at present.

Dignity and Person-centred Care

The Janus Approach ensures that a comprehensive life history or “Life Story” is gathered for each resident in partnership with the resident and families who wish to be involved. From this life story and with resident and family collaboration, staff are able to determine what quality of life means to each resident. Life stories are taken by staff who have received specific training in this area of assessment and are generally conducted over several weeks as a relationship of trust is built with the individual resident (or family). Read more

Meaningful Engagement & Spirituality

The Janus Approach recognises that all individuals have spiritual needs which may not always be based on religious belief or lack of belief. The need for social and leisure programs form an integral part of daily living that have purpose, through enhancing and strengthening the physical and psycho-social capabilities of the resident and increasing self-esteem, self-worth, connection and meaning. Read More

Making Eating Social & Sensational (MESS)

The MESS (Making Eating Social and Sensational) recognises that there is more to meals than just nutrition alone, there are also significant positive social outcomes of sharing a meal or mid-meal snack, as well as those meals that are consumed being exciting for the senses. Read More

Mental Health

Mental health illness and disorders are as important as physical care needs and often have as great an impact on physical and social wellbeing. Some examples of mental health conditions experienced by residents within RSL Care SA are depression, anxiety and confusion. Read More

Sexuality and Intimacy

The Janus Approach recognises that the need for love, affection, physical closeness and contact continues throughout life, including for residents who are living within an aged care setting. People living in an aged care facility will often still have sexual desires and be capable of acting on those desires, as well as having a need to express themselves sexually, however, this may be difficult for residents to disclose as it has always been a topic kept private or only shared with people they trust. Read More

Palliative Approach

The Janus Approach adheres to the Palliative Approach in Residential Aged Care (2005). This approach ensures that residents with life limiting illnesses are afforded quality of life throughout their journey within the residential aged care setting. This Janus Key affirms life and respects dying as a normal process. It neither hastens nor postpones death, but rather aims to enhance the quality of life whilst also positively influencing the course of the illness. Read More

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