Our Next 100 years at RSL Care SA

Letter from our CEO Nathan Klinge

To all residents of RSL Care SA

As you may have seen in the Advertiser this morning the State Branch of the RSL has been placed into Administration. Whilst this is an unfortunate outcome it has not come as a complete surprise to the Board and Management of RSL Care SA, given that many of the challenges being faced by the RSL SA State Branch have been known to us for some time.

I would like to personally reassure each and every resident and tenant of RSL Care SA that the situation facing the RSL has nothing to do with RSL Care SA, and that we remain a profitable, stable and very well-governed organisation. RSL Care SA is its own legal entity completely separate from the RSL, and we have our own governance structures, finances, and Constitution.

Through sound financial practices and good governance over many years RSL Care SA is well positioned to grow and prosper, and whilst the issues facing the State Board of RSL SA are regrettable, they do not pose a threat to the viability of our own organisation. RSL Care SA remains committed to providing accommodation, services and support to Veterans and the ex-service and wider community, as we have done for the past 100 years at RSL Care  SA.

Over the coming weeks I am sure that there will be much media coverage and speculation regarding RSL Care SA, not only because of our relationship with the RSL but also because we are owed $600,000 by the RSL SA State Branch which is something that we will work with the appointed Administrators to resolve. Whilst this is a large sum of money it by no means places us in any financial risk, so we will simply work with the Administrators to generate the best outcome that we can for our Association.

With the above information in mind I would like to personally reassure you all that your tenures in our Residential Aged Care sites are completely safe and secure, as are your investments in our retirement villages and your tenancies in our affordable housing. We aren’t going anywhere!

I hope that this information is sufficient to give you comfort, however if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Corporate office on 8379 2600.

Yours sincerely,

Nathan Klinge
Chief Executive Officer